14 August 2013


I finally took five min to get a new URL for the blog, one matching the actual name I use! The new URL is http://jacxperience.blogspot.se/

10 August 2013

Scrolls - beta

Today I tried something different, Scrolls beta. It's an online strategy collectible card game (such as Magic the gathering) by Mojang. The genre is completely new for me but as of the first few hours of trying it seems to be rather intriguing. You can get into beta by paying £12.95/€14.95/$20.95 (when the beta ends you will keep the game and gold you've earned).

If anyone happens to play, let me know and you can have the pleasure of massacring my little Growth army!

28 April 2013

Neverwinter - Open beta

In just a few days Neverwinter - MMO based on Dungeons and Dragons - will go into open beta. Even if I'm still enjoying Path of Exile I will check it out. The date to look for is the 30th of April. The 3+ GB game client is however available for download already now. Oh, and Neverwinter will be free to play too. Feel free to let me know if you will try it out too! More information is available here http://nw.perfectworld.com/.

16 March 2013

PoE: 2 million accounts

PCGamer reports on the success of Path of Exile. Read a few more lines overe here: http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/03/16/path-of-exile-player-accountss/

27 January 2013

PoE: Happy news, server crash!

Just a few minutes back the Path of Exile servers crashed. One would think that is bad news, but since the reason was a new record of simultaneously connected players, just shy of 70k, I think it is happy news!

22 January 2013

Path of Exile - Open beta

It is almost time for Path of Exile open beta, less than 24 hours from now! So it has most likely begun when you are reading this. Please come and join me! Free to play and no more character wipes! The most promising Action RPG out there for the moment. After participating in the closed beta for a month I'm not hesitating a second to keep playing. You can see a tiny part of my gaming in the video below.

13 December 2012

The Secret World is free to play!

Another MMO converting to a free to play mode. A month back or so SWTOR went free to play - with a lot of restrictions - and now it is time for The Secret World. From what I read it seems to be free from restrictions and subscribers get instead some boosts and discounts. This is the way to go, and I'm sure I will head back to TSW again in parallel with GW2 (and Torchlight 2 which has kept me completely busy the last weeks). More information about TSW going free to play is found here