07 February 2009

Clearcasting - then what?

Since the previous post you now manage to catch your procs and are happy to note that you get Clearcasting! You're instantly thinking "Yes, a free Greater Heal!", aren't you? If so I suggest you might want to reconsider that thought. Although GH is the biggest single heal and cost most mana of the spells that make use of Clearcasting, the best options is in most circumstances Binding Heal. If you need healing yourself the choice is easy since you most often get more total healing than with GH anyhow. But even if you don't need any healing yourself you should consider casting BH. The real benefit comes from the additional chance to get trigger another Clearcasting proc. With BH you get two chances that your heal will crit (since you heal two targets) and not only one as with GH.


  1. Binding Heal is the least most used spell by me and the one I always think I should use more.

    Don't know, I seem to have some blind spot when it comes to this excellent spell :-(

  2. You're probably not the only one, hence this post ;) It will probably be even more useful to use BH with Clearcasting in the next patch which seems to bring along a mana-regen nerf.

  3. Yeah its the spell I forget I have when healing on Kai also, wonder if its time to start level him to experience some level 80 healing..