10 February 2009

Great XP grinding

Borean Tundra, Amber Ledge - that's where I once again found my mage. It was time to get a few more XP bars filled and south west of Amber Ledge is just the place to be (for a level 70-72:ish mage at least). I first got there just to grind Rhino Meat for my warriors cooking, but found it to be a lovely place to gain XP at.

I went down to the awaiting packs of rhinos. They group in about five, so I run into the centre of a group, deliver a Arcane Explosion or two while running out and making a soft turn to group them tight together. If there is a Whooly Rhino Bull close enough they first get an Ice Lance in their butt as an incitement to join the party. When they are all in a tight group I serve them a Frost Nova and finish of with Blizzard for everyone. This gives 6-7k XP in almost less time than it takes to loot. After about 50 minutes of relaxed grinding, including selling of trash, some chatting, my dear mage was 350k XP (with rested bonus), 50+ gold and 124 Rhino Meat richer. If you are a skinner you'll earn even more.

Another great place for 70-72:ish are the mammoths south of the airstrip (around 58,31).


  1. Nice tip, I have a mage at around lvl 62, you have any suggestions on reading up on must have talents to be able to successfully AoE grind, as I havent tried it out.

  2. Going frost is the first thing if you don't already. Perhaps something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=ocZZAIcIcfuIczMb

    Then people argue that Shattered Barrier is a mistake, I have it however and find it more useful that it messes up (even though it can, and then resulting in a split up group with some frozen and some free).

    The spec might not be the best if you plan not to AoE-grind. E.g. 3/3 in Improved Blizzard might not be needed. I've had 1/3 myself, but might go 3/3 and see.