07 February 2009

Proc tracking

Have you ever failed to utilize that wonderful proc you get from a skill or item? Well, I used to. The buff created by the proc was just another line in the list of buffs to the right of the screen, and probably missed more often than I want to know. There are several addons that can help with this issue and the one I particularly like is ElkanoBuffbar. It is an addon that helps you to configure the look of your buffs, and divide them in different groups that you can freely place wherever you want on your UI. To have the buff in the non-default category, you simply use the option of overriding the default setting and stating to which group that buff should be related. I choose Clearcasting and Surge of Light and placed the bars where I often have the focus when healing.

After trying that for some time now I'm quite sure I never miss those wonderful procs anymore.


  1. Sounds like a very useful addon, gonna try it out asap!

  2. yeah thanks for the tip, made it easier for me to track some of my hunter proccs also, such as Lock and Load ;-)