13 March 2009

AoE noob!

The other day I made one of the more noobish act I've ever made. I was AoE-xp-grinding with my mage in Dragonblight when a guildie who was questing in the area suddenly appears next to me. He apparently had to kill 14 mobs of the kind I was killing, so I offered to clear a camp with 14:ish mob for him. "That is what I do all the time here" I said, feeling like I could have done the motion capture for /flex. So off we go to a full camp. I get on my horse, gather all the mobs, they freeze nicely and then... nothing... nothing... nothing. First I thought I had pressed "r" or something by mistake and was about to deliver a informative "1113333333333333" reply to someone. So out of desperation I begun hitting escape and what not. Well, nothing helped and in a few seconds me and what used to be my friend were lying dead. "Oops", I said. Feeling embarrassed by the least. I looked at my action bars and then I noticed. My spell for Blizzard and Ice Lance had switched place! I tried to explain but I don't think that was a great success. So when we were back in our bodies again I took him to the next camp (I think he was staying a bit to the side for a bit) and showed how it should be done with the hope of being erased from his Black Book Of Noobs. Luckily (I don't dare to use anything remotely close to "skill") it was a success. So as a tribute to this embarrassing and rather hilarious event, I made this small video as an example of AoE-grinding.

Thanks Pol! ;)


  1. Now that I think of it, I have actually never seen you do this aoe-grind before... only have your whispers about it...

    Glad you finally managed to work out how to do it! :P

  2. Yep he splatted my little gnome!!!!!