21 March 2009

In the raid rules

Ulduar is coming up with a new set of raid-bosses. I guess many are overlooking their current raid status and organisation, especially since the word is that it will be harder (well, that is not mission impossible to achieve). I was asked the other day to have a look at some ideas for an updated set of raid rules (we also have a discussion out similar aspects on our forums). The ideas were all good of course, the basic things with being in time, repaired, enchanted, flasked and so on. However, when reading through the text I begun reflecting over things that are not seen in our raid rules and rarely talked about at all. The things that makes a raid flow, efficient, fast creating an overall enjoyable experience (there is nothing that drags the focus down more than a slow raid). I'm thinking of things like:

- if you have a pet that needs buffs, spawn it asap
- don't ask to enchant your new gear in the middle of things
- MD-pulls are in the game for a reason, use them!
- Raid leader, master looter, DKP-checker can be 3 different people
- If you don't need the loot, move on to the next pack
- Rearrange the raid groups e.g. depending on where people should be positioned etc
- Use the custom chat channels (don't only create them) to communicate in the background

Well you get the idea, things that actually makes a difference when the raid is running. Having an efficient, fast, and well played raid creates an enjoyable experience. I am aware that if you are in a serious raiding guild these issues are probably not existing, but I think they matter even if you are raiding very casually.

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  1. A very nice post and something for my self to keep in mind!