09 March 2009

Living your role

The other day I listened to a pod cast by Veneretio at tankingtips.com. I really liked the dedication he show when it comes to being the Main Tank of his guild. He states that with the upcoming possibilities to dual spec, he will not have one spec for tanking and one for DPS. He will have two for tanking - since tanking is what he does. I can see all the arguments that for the good of the raid he should have one DPS spec and so on. But I still believe that he is on the right track here. Back in the days when I was raiding on a higher level and was acting MT I consciously never took any DPS gear until it was more or less forced upon me. I didn't want to DPS, I wanted to tank. And by not grabbing that DPS gear this was made perfectly clear to anyone. And as Veneretio say, people saw that I wanted to tank and thus gained confidence in that they wanted me to do exactly that too.

Even though I currently raid very casually I have been thinking of doing something similar with my Priest, i.e. having two healing specs, one holy and one discipline. This is not as "extreme" as having two protection specs since the difference is larger, but my guess is that many Priests will have one of their specs in shadow.

Veneretios attitude is inspiring, that if you know what you want, then you go that path and try to maximize all possibilities there are to be able to do it as good as possible.

Listen to the pod cast here.


  1. I think I will have two healing-oriented specs on my shaman too, one more single-target oriented and one for more group efficiency.

    Like you say, healing is what I do :-)

  2. From ym point of view as a druid its a bonus. I am a full on healer but to be honest there is only one healing spec for druids so the synergy of Bommkin is really appealing as several bit of gear just swap in.
    Also the attraction of being able to kill farm mobs in less than 5 minutes helps a lot.


  3. @Zetter: Yes, I think that is how most people see things. The attraction of a good DPS-build is tempting. And if it is like you say with druids, that there are not any optional healing specs, then 2 healing specs don't make any sense anyhow :)

  4. Still thinking about what to do on äiatar, go for two DPS speccs or one Pve and one PvP, if I ever level kaitsja I think he will end up with two healing speccs.

  5. On my pally, I'll prolly go holy/ret, but the ret for soloing and PvP. Luckily, I haven't hit lvl 80 yet, so my guildies will never know me (raid wise) as anything but healer.