04 March 2009

Summoning? Hu? Is there a guide?

I was just in another raid to Vault of Archavon, the 25-man heroic version. As always a couple of people, including myself, could use a summon. Apparently a warlock created a summoning stone with the great spell Ritual of Summoning. When the spell was introduced the word was that this great stone would make summoning so much easier. But what happens (over and over again)? NOTHING! There are probably 17-18 people inside the instance, and it still takes 5-7 minutes to summon the rest. This was a PUG, but I am still amazed about the inability to act by so many people. I even had time to summon two of the missing persons myself once I got there. And still all of them want to "go go go"! Anyone have a summoning guide?

1 comment:

  1. What annoys me with the spell is that you always have to pop that huge dark wardrobe-thingy even if you just want to summon one person, making it two "summons" for one player.

    But I guess if people were unable to check the raid for who might a free ride and summon them at a stone back before, they will not be much better in using the warlocks wardrobe :/