26 March 2009

"My moment" (abolish disease?)

The topic of figuring out "my moment" seems to be the current plague, so I'll keep spreading the disease. One of my favourite blogger Tessy was referring to a post at The Egotistical Priest, and now WoW Insider are doing the same. The original question was "Have any of you experienced your own “moment”? A time when the game changed dramatically for you, and you started to view it differently?".

This was trickier to answer than I initially thought. However, my conclusion is that my moment probably was even before I started to play WoW. I can't say I took it "serious" from the first levels, but I had an idea of what an MMO was about. In Anarchy-Online I had tasted the thrill of raiding and being officer and guild master. Later in Eve-Online I was CEO of a nice group of about 50 players - at that time it was more about organisation and diplomacy than raiding as we see in WoW. So my moment was probably when I realised I enjoyed playing MMOs more than any other kind of game.

One thing though, that caught me already in beta-wow, was that everything was running so "smooth". You didn't get stuck when running around and jumping actually felt like jumping. I've tried many MMO:s during the years and still none of them have the same smooth feeling when running around with your character. I would actually argue that this is one of the success factors of the game.

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