07 April 2009

Mana nerf hope for holy loot?

I assume many raiding guilds are aware that cloth healers are on the short end of the stick when it comes to receiving healing loot. They will never roll on an item with +hit on it, that's dedicated for DPS of course. However DPS will roll on every other caster gear too, making the competition rather high. Currently I think holy priests are the ones who are lacking the most love. Some give mp5 loot to healers first, but that is currently not the stat you go for as a holy priest. However, lately I've gained some hope that mp5 will be a more crucial stat after the 3.1 patch. I am looking forward to see how the mana-regen-nerf will affect us in practice. Depending on the result, the mp5-gear might be the thing to go for and making holy priests get a bit of priority on loot.

I remember in the old days we often tried to gear up tanks and healers first, as they most often are the most crucial classes. An interesting mechanism is that once you reach a "good enough" gear level as a healer, you don't really need to bother to maximize the gear. It will hardly effect the raid at all. So one way to go when it comes to loot distribution could be to give healers priority early on when going for harder content, and then have DPS move up as the raid makes progress. I can't say I would like to manage such a system, but perhaps it is manageable to some extent?

I would be interesting to hear how others are dealing with this issue, if at all.

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  1. A bit of a late comment I admit that, anyway - I was once of the believe that a raid should gear up the raid in the following order: tanks > healers > dps but have found myself another point of view as I thought about it.

    Gear up your raid to whom it's the biggest upgrade. Only exception is if the tanks don't have enough EH to survive 2 melee hits or unavoidable burst + 1 melee hit.

    Reason behind this is as follows, if the tank gear up the incoming damage is reduced making it easier for the healers to cope. If a healer gear up it generally gets easier to cope. If a dps gear up it reduces the combat time and allow the healers to be less careful with the mana, and thus easier to cope.

    All this ofc assumes that you all meet the minimum requirements to take a boss down - but you wouldn't get any loot if you couldn't now would you ;) If this was to be implemented in practice it would require a loot-council with general knowledge of all classes and specs - which isn't so practical to say the least.