16 June 2009

Leave them behind, I'm running!

In my last raid I was experiencing something I have not seen in a very very long time when raiding. We were running a 25-man Naxxramas (note, it was not a PUG-run!) and was up against Instructor Razuvious just before our raid time as about to run out. We had a new priest doing the Mind Control of the Death Knight Understudies and as expected we wiped a bit. But that is just fine and not the topic of concern here, you can need a few tries to get that right. But what amazed me during the tries was that on our last attempt I saw one player simply running away from the group back up the ramp after we had one player down early in the pull. Why the [black-tongue-generating-word] does anyone do that? Is it to costly to pay a few extra (virtual!) gold for the repair bill? Even if a try is not the best one, why not try to prolong it a bit at least to help the raid learn what needs to be learned? At least until the raid leader say something else. I have raided for a stupid amount of time, and I have hardly ever seen something that looks so selfish.


  1. I've seen that behaviour in PUGs on the exact same fight, but one wouldnt expect it from a guild run.

    Lets hope your guild RL saw it too and handle it.

  2. Before you post things like these you need to make sure you have seen it all. Since I was there and saw it myself I in fact know that at the point that 3 people (not 1 person) was running away there were already 5 people dead including both priests with the power to mind control, it was already a wipe and anything that there was to be learnt had been learnt.

  3. @Vanderdahast: It doesn't matter if it was 1 or 3 players. I saw one player (the only thing I state). And in any case I find it wrong and selfish to run away before a wipe is called by the RL (and even then it it often makes more sense to just die). And the "I was not the only one"-argument is a bit silly tbh...