26 June 2009

Player or Character?

Who do you bring to the raid? Is it the player or the character? What would you say if a character is played by someone not owning the character, and there were other players benched from the raid? How would you react if the switch of player was not communicated, not even to the raid leader? Is it OK for someone else to play the character for lets say one hour into the raid until the right player is available? For me it is obviously the player you bring in 99% of the cases. The only exception I can see is if a specific character is really for the raid to be continued. I would also say that it seems very self centred to "sneak" into a raid like that when there are other players waiting in line.

Sorry for another rant post, but some things really annoys me (and no, I was personally not directly a victim to this).


  1. I would say the player is what you bring and I guess in most cases it would break the EULA if you have somebody else play your toon. (Parent/kid an exception I think)

  2. Well, the player I would say. These are people coming together to play and the characters are the tools of the players. And also to some extent reflections of the players I would say :)