10 July 2009

Patch 3.2: Mana regeneration

In the upcoming patch 3.2 it seems like we will receive another mana regeneration nerf. Replenishment will be reduced by about 20% which probably is the biggest change. When I read about this I tried to look for things that compensate for the nerf.

A potentially good one (from a Holy Priest point of view) is the change of Innervate. Druids Innervate will only give half the mana, but the cooldown will also be reduced in half (down to three minutes from six). I think this is a great idea, since utilizing the spell correctly both the druid himself and a holy priest in need (me me me!) can get an extra mana boost over a full boss fight. Using half the mana on two players is probably more efficient that having it all going to one.

Another change is that all Mp5-gear will get a approximately 25% boost. As a Holy Prist I have not strived for Mp5-gear that much, but perhaps it is time to reconsider. In any case, I have some Mp5-gear so the boost is of cause welcomed.

Finally if you are an engineer you will gain 25% more from the Mana Potion Injectors.

As always I am looking forward to this nerf, as the challenge for a healer is to keep everyone alive and maintain some mana, this will just keep our work interesting ;) And it is still more of an exception that we run completely out of mana.

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