04 July 2009

WoW to complex?

I just read the post Breakfast Topic: Is WoW too complex? over at WoW.com and as the original post state, that is quite the opposite from what you normally ask yourself. Initially I thought I had missed something, but after reading the post I don't think I have. I mean... pets going to a specific tab, money, badges etc going to another, that is hardly about complexity. That is just good/bad design, things that potentially can be hard to find. The complexity of the game is about what casual players never have to attend to. The mechanism of different stats and abilities. The original poster mention resilience as one example, and I agree that the mechanism for understanding that is complex. But is the overall experience of WoW a complex one? Hardly. I remember when playing Anarchy-Online (my first MMO). There you had to consider probably 60+ different stats and skills whenever you dinged, along with a tricky procedure of using implant swapping back and forth in order to change your stats so you could equip that new gear. The experience was a complex one, and that is probably what counts here. Now, just because another game is more complex than WoW is not an argument that Wow is not complex. However, I find WoW extremely forgiving both for the casual and hardcore player.

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