30 August 2009

Open Beta: Aion

Now it is time for another big MMO title to go into open beta. Everyone will be able to test Aion for a week between September 6th to 13th. The game has been up and running very successfully in Asia for a year and has now been reworked to meet a western audience. The game-client is about 9.3GB and can be downloaded from here already now. Currently the FilePlanet version is completely corrupt, so don't try that one until you know it is fixed.

I tend not to enjoy the setting, style and particularly the game play in Asian MMOs, but still looking forward to experience a week with this one.


  1. Stop running off trying all these new MMOs! Get back to WoW asap! There are dragons to kill! :-D

  2. @Tessy: No no no, trying new games is really fun! And I actually don't mind killing other constellations of pixels than dragons and such :)

    Unfortunately I just realised that the Aion beta seems to be North America only =/