12 August 2009

Solo healing! ...but why?

On my last raid in Ulduar 10-man I got a chance to try some solo healing. I did the arena at Thorim with ease (probably had at least 75% mana all the time:)) and later Razorscale (used one Hymn of Hope at the landing - not much to do at that time anyhow). It was exciting and fun of course but then after a day I wondered... Why are we doing instances/modes that can be solo-healed? This must be an indication that it is time to move on, or scale up the difficulty quite a bit.

On a side note, when I solo healed I seemed to keep a higher mana-pool than otherwise?


  1. I had real issues with Thor arena the other night solo there was just too much raid damage to cope with in the end. Not sure why could have been group setup?
    However I did solo heal crazy cat lady by accident last night when Kreas got one shotted so thats another one that is doable though it is heavy on the mana.


  2. I think when you're cutting down 1 healer it's time to move to hardmodes :)

    I think it boils down to if the raid is able to avoid all damage that is avoidable.

  3. Yes, it helps that people know how to avoid damage. I can't solo heal ANY group ;)