14 September 2009

Aion beta is over

Another beta is over and this time it is Aion. I managed to get myself into the US only beta at first, but a few days later they released some EU-keys, so I re-rolled again.

I only had time to play a few days, but I must say that the game is pretty good looking. The game play is very similar to WoW and that goes for the quests too. Kill that, bring me this, find that, talk to him, deliver this before yesterday and kill some more.

Unfortunately I never got far enough to experience any PvP. The game is supposed to focus a lot on PvPvE, so it would have been nice to see that in action. Anyhow, Aion is not the next game for me.

(Oh, and I did actually spot someone that looked familiar, and she was a priest too...)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, that could have been me!! I have a priest named Jools in WoW... :-)

    She's level 80 now, and running with the big girls and boys again, while patiently waiting for the dragon killing warrior to come back to her :-)