31 December 2009

Solo: Grand Magus Telestra

It is that time of the year again, Christmas. And with that we get the world event Feast of Winter Veil. As I have not done these quests on my priest, it was about time to get some of them done this year. To manage the 'Tis the Season achievement you need to get a Red Winter Hat that (mainly) drop from some Northrend dungeon bosses. I was not to tempted to /roll for the hat an endless amount of times, so I decided to try and solo Grand Magus Telestra. As you can understand by this post I did succeed! However, it was so much easier to kill her (one shotted!) than to get through the trash. I died several times before reaching her which actually worried me quite a bit - if I have a hard time on the trash, what will the boss do to me then? Anyhow, it was really fun (although not as fun as soloing old Onyxia), and I am tempted to try some other bosses too with my priest.

Here is my trophy picture - and her hat is MINE!


  1. Wow! you really deserved that hat!

  2. Gtz Jac impressive kill for the hat.
    With your comment on trash though once again it goes to prove you should have rolled a druid :). Sneak Sneaky then splat the boss!


  3. Gratz Jac!

    ...but are you really sure that red hat will go with the colour of your other gear?...:P

  4. @all: Thanks :)
    And Tessy, come on. I thought you were an expert on these things? The whole point of that hat is to make my shiny shoes look even better!

  5. Ah shiny shoes! Now that goes with anything!