31 July 2012

TSW: The Secret World

Diablo III has been put on hold for a (good) while, and now all my gaming time is spent in the newly released Secret World. A truly different MMO and I'm am very exited to explore all of it! It has been running for a month now, and as a special celebration EVERYONE will be able to try it out for free the coming weekend!

So head over to www.thesecretworld.com and find out how to join in! Hope to see you there, it is well worth a try!

By the way, my character, Jacx, has his home in the Huldra dimension and is a member of the Dragon society

Link about the celebration:


  1. Meh! Won't get my internet connection until next week so no good for me :(((

  2. You'll get there eventually! There were some issues with the servers etc anyhow so :)