13 December 2012

The Secret World is free to play!

Another MMO converting to a free to play mode. A month back or so SWTOR went free to play - with a lot of restrictions - and now it is time for The Secret World. From what I read it seems to be free from restrictions and subscribers get instead some boosts and discounts. This is the way to go, and I'm sure I will head back to TSW again in parallel with GW2 (and Torchlight 2 which has kept me completely busy the last weeks). More information about TSW going free to play is found here


  1. Hmm maybe I should dust off my TSW account and give it a try again during the holidays.

    But what is Torchlight II? Looks like a WoW-ripoff with the logo and the cartoon toons? :)

  2. Yes, I think you should :) Torchlight II is nothing close to WoW though. It's a hack'n'slash from old Diablo developers. But Path of Excile probably have more complexity if you are into those kind of games. I'll buy myself a beta-slot for PoE during the hollidays :P